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Friday, April 4, 2014

Coworkers make all the difference!

We posted on our bulletin board at work that we needed yarn and our coworkers came through! Thank you Jan from purchasing and Philana from 2W floor for the yarn donations! We are going to make some awesome hats and share smiles with some people in need and undergoing chemo. We appreciate you so much. Jan thanks for sharing your story with us, you are such a sport.


Missy and Elizabeth

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank you!

Thank you Lynn from the Medical Records Department at our hospital for the donation of all the beautiful yarn!  The donations that we get makes it possible for our volunteers to make chemo hats. Below is a picture of a basket full of chemo hats that I filled up at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Boulder, Colorado.  Much Love, Missy

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In Need

We are in need of soft yarn or fabric to make chemo hats for Colorado chemo patients. We are a group of people who like to help patients undergoing chemo therapy. In Missy's family and in mine, we have experienced the loss of a loved one due to cancer, so this has a great sentiment value to help out someone in need due to cancer. We help by taking chemo hats to cancer clinics and hospitals. We have volunteers and we can always use more, we are also in need of yarn and fabric to make these items. If you have extra or are willing to help, please contact us. Help us make a difference please if you can. Visit Thanks, Elizabeth

Children's Chemo Hats

My beautiful daughter Tasha went yesterday and delivered 41 chemo hats to Ronald McDonald house  and 41 chemo hats to Brent's Place in Aurora, CO.  These chemo hats were hand made by volunteers and each hat is made with so much love. We are so blessed to have so many caring individuals to help make and deliver these chemo hats to the different Cancer Centers in and around Denver, CO.

Much Love, Missy

Friday, February 7, 2014

Shuttles and Spindles donates YARN

In the Heart of Boulder there is a beautiful Yarn Shop called Shuttles and Spindles. They are always so helpful when I go in and always willing to donate yarn to Rocky Mountain Headhuggers. Without these donations our volunteers would not be able to knit and crochet hats for chemo patients. Thank you to everyone that donates yarn!  I went into RMCC in Boulder on Feb 1 and dropped off 32 chemo hats. It amazes me that I was only in there 2 weeks before and filled up two baskets and they needed more. It warms my heart to know that we can provide a little something to a Cancer Patient that will make them happy and warm. 

Much Love, Missy

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My heart goes out to you and your family

My dear friend Betty just lost her father from Cancer this past week. Let's keep her and her family in our prayers while they are going through such a difficult time. Many of us can relate to what she is going through and this is why we must always be there for each other.  Betty started Rocky Mountain Headhuggers with me last year and has been such an inspiration to so many of us. She is such a strong and beautiful person and I want her to know that we are all here for her. 

Much Love, Missy

Friday, January 24, 2014

A New Year

Wow it is 2014 and alot has happened since Betty and I started Rocky Mountain Headhuggers in Colorado. We are so grateful to everyone that has been on this journey with us for the last twelve months. It has also opened my eyes to how many people are truly affected by Cancer. Since 
January 1, 2014 we have collected so many hats and thanks to June, June, Cordie, and Carol from Louiseville Senior Center. Thanks to Gerda, Lavonna, Mona, and Emily from Women's Gathering. Also, a wonderful woman named Jane from Frasier Meadows gave us some beautiful hats. We have also had a new woman by the name of Marcille who has donated 56 Hats since December that are professionally done on a machine with her own personal touch on each and every hat. Marcille makes the most beautiful scarves, sweaters and hats and gives to some many different charities. We are so blessed tha she is a part of the Rocky Mountain Headhuggers family. You are all truly angels that we are so fortunate to have as a part of our group! As always, thank you Betty for always helping me without you I could never do all of this. A Special thanks to Dottie, you are the one I look up to every Thursday to help guide me and keep us both going on our journeys to help those less fortunate. 

Much Love, Missy

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A letter from a friend



January 16, 2014


Dear Missy,

I’ve meant for a long time to put into writing why I was so drawn to Rocky Mtn. Headhuggers. I’ve told you some of my story but I’d like to let others know why this group is so important to me.

In May of 2005 my husband was diagnosed with leukemia--AML--and lived just seven months. During his treatment he went thru 2 long stays in the hospital for chemo treatment--the first time for one month and the second time for 6 weeks during which, of course he lost all his hair (and his beard, part of what made him so handsome to me!)

I knew he was self conscious about his bald head (it was before being bald was fashionable for men) and I brought to the hospital some hats he had from home and even bought a type of bandanna that I think the bikers call a “dew rag”. Nothing looked nice.

I never thought to try to make him a cap. It had been years since I had done any crocheting and with trying to keep everything going at home and job and drive back and forth to the hospital--about fifty miles each way several times a week-- I wasn’t feeling very creative.

When I moved to Broomfield a few years ago I found a wonderful group that makes hats, scarves, mittens etc. to give to various groups who help the needy. I started crocheting again and loved feeling like I was actually helping people and not just dabbling in some hobby.

When you joined the group and I first heard about the Headhuggers I felt this was something I could really relate to and understood what a need there was to help make people who had lost their hair feel a little more attractive. And for children, by using bright colorful fleeces for caps, maybe bring a little silliness and fun into their lives when they’re wearing their caps.

So, THANKS Missy for all your time and effort in starting and maintaining this great group!


        Lavonna O'Korn

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

May this new year bring blessings to you and your loved ones. May this year bring love to those who need it, a smile to those who don't have it, and may it bring hope to those undergoing chemo therapy or any other treatment.

Head Huggers would like to thank everyone who has in some way helped our cause. Please consider us if you are able to donate soft yarn or fabric or if you would like to volunteer crocheting, knitting or sewing chemo hats. Patients really appreciate this kind gesture.

If you know or have a story to share please do so, we would love to read about it. Please feel free to post it in our blog.

Please write or call us with any comments or concerns... We also appreciate constructive criticism.

Missy and I thank you, our volunteers, family and friends for one year of support, prayers and kind thoughts to Head Huggers in Colorado.

Blessings Always,
Elizabeth (Betty)
720 675-3386

A letter from a Cancer Patient

On December 28,2013 I checked my email and saw this comment that came to me from our blog. Below is the following email that a patient wrote:

I am a cancer patient at the Longmont Rocky Mt. Cancer Center and I am so grateful for the hats that you all make, they are beautiful, soft and so appreciated. I can't thank you enough for your donations and love in every stitch. I'm interested in Lap Robes, can you tell me who makes these? Thank you again for your love and support, you do touch our lives with TLC and hope.

This is why Betty and I started Rocky Mountain Headhuggers to make a difference one stitch at a time! These comments touch everyone that is involved and we thank you for your time and dedication to this cause.

Much Love, Missy